Durawood® Technology Single Rope Rocker

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  • Stainless-steel hardware
  • Soft-spun polyester rope available in bright-white
  • Weight capacity 450 pounds
  • Overall width 33 inches
  • Drink holder built into right armrest
  • DuraCord® Technology rope, choice of 7 colors
  • DuraWood® Technology pillow, choice of 9 colors
  • DuraWood® Technology, choice of 3 colors

Product IDs:
NHDWR in white DuraWood® Technology
NHDWRC in cedar DuraWood® Technology
NHDWRWW-K in weatherwood DuraWood® Technology

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Brand Nags Head Hammocks
Rope 3 ply (8mm total)
Frame Material Durawood® Technology
Country of Origin USA
Material Soft-Spun Polyester or DuraCord® Technology, 3-ply Rope
Width 33 in.
Height 32 in.
Depth 40 in.
Hardware Stainless-Steel
Includes 1 White Durawood® Technology Single Rocker, 1 Sunbrella Furniture Pillows and 1 Huggie
Shipping FOB Greenville, NC
Weight Capacity 450 lbs.


No muss, no fuss. No painting, no sanding. Won’t mold, won’t mildew. Won’t chip and won’t crack. Outlasts the weather. Termites don’t snack.

Combine heavyweight Durawood® Technology with the deep-seated comfort of our hammock-style rope seats, and what do you get? Relaxation that simply won’t quit — this exceptional rocker will fix what ails ya, for a long, long time!

Simply put: Durawood® Technology rocks.

Our Durawood® Technology Single Rocker comes with either our own proprietary DuraCord® Technology rope or with soft-spun polyester rope, both exactingly manufactured for prolonged weather exposure, and resistant to rot, mold and mildew, yet with a softness to rival cotton. DuraCord® Technology is also incredibly resistant to abrasion, staining and fading; there is, in fact, no more colorfast rope on the market today.

We offer our soft-spun polyester in bright-white, while our DuraCord® Technology rope comes in six handsome hues: Oatmeal, Tan, Mocha, Meadow, Coastal Blue and Navy Blue.

Available in your choice of nine colors, the Furniture Pillow included with our Durawood® Technology Single Rocker is made with the cottony synthetic Sunbrella®, with an all-weather foam center. Sunbrella® the most established, best known outdoor fabric on the market, is not only resistant to rot, mold, mildew and staining, but is tremendously colorfast as well.

One of this uncommon rocker’s two appealingly wide armrests includes a built-in cup-holder, to put even a little more ease into taking it easy. A foam drink Huggie comes included, in your choice of five colors.

Hardware is stainless steel, for added good looks and superior rust protection.

Durawood® Technology itself is made from densely compressed recycled consumer plastic like old milk jugs that’s been sterilized for safety and to eliminate impurities. The resulting rigid material looks just like painted wood. Unlike most building composites, though, Durawood® Technology contains no waste-wood fiber, so it not only won’t absorb water, but it also won’t rot, splinter, crack or attract termites. It also never needs paint, stain or any other kind of sealant, yet holds up to vigorous rains, salt spray, extreme temperatures and high winds, making it the perfect Outer Banks furniture material. We don’t call it “hurricane-proof” for nothin’!

Despite the advanced weatherability of a Nags Head Hammocks product, we do always recommend storing it in an enclosed dry place away from harsh chemicals and foraging wildlife during prolonged bad weather and other protracted periods when it’s going unused, to ensure its longest possible life.